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Sep 25, 2010 6:00am PDT
july. christina roma was next. the white house is also expecting rahm emanuel to leave the use to run for mayor of chicago. >> if rahm emanuel leaves, he will be the fourth of president obama's closest advisers to have left since july. question, after 20 months, is this presidential staff turnover normal? pat buchanan. >> this is not terribly unusual if you have a presidency in trouble. john, when you came into the white house, '71, john connolly came in, dave kennedy was out. nixon closed the goal window, let the dollar flow. he sent arthur burns to the federal reserve. they gunned the money supply to $23 billion deficits. that was enormously dramatic in terms of a change. this is nothing like that. rahm is going out there because there's an opening for mayor's office and secondly, because he has been hammered and had a bad time. but i don't think this is extraordinarily unusual. i don't see any signs of panic here. >> a vietnam war on his hands. >> nixon, our election was disappointing and he took that big move. john connolly was lyndon johnson's man that had taken texas away from h
Sep 4, 2010 6:00am PDT
, as conditions allow. there is a review coming in december, which will tell us more. >> did rahm emanuel reenforce that? >> i think -- >> i think he said it definitively. >> i believe he was definitive, but they still have caveats here. the real question is, the metric? how do we know victory when we see it? the strategy that was used in iraq, but iraq had a stable core to its central government than afghanistan does. >> lanny davis' quote is important. >> yeah, lanny davis repeats an anecdote that i have heard as well and many people have heard. when they did the original review of afghanistan president. vice president biden asked how much money are we spending in afghanistan? how much money are we spending in pakistan? we are spending billions upon billions more in afghanistan. pakistan has a nuclear weapons and that's where the real threat is. he says there's something wrong with this picture. and vice president biden has been pressing for a more minimalist approach in afghanistan. he lost out in the review, but i think his views are very much alive. > obama's problem is this,
Sep 19, 2010 11:30am EDT
is, you don't tell us who our candidates are going to be. we will pick 'em and we'll reject yours if we want tom. >> alan, o'donnell self- destructs. >> let's get a grip here. she's one won a close republican primary, a 10th of the state's population in a third of republican voters, and she won by 53-46. and the mike castle voters, i don't think he's ever been called a nee con before. -- neocon. he's a very popular former governor. she is unlikely to win, which is not to say she must be taken seriously because all the money will pour in from the tea party patriots, and various groups who want to see her succeed. but i'm with karl rove on this one. he called her nutty. she is putting a face on the republican party that is very extreme, and she's shaping not only the mid-term elections but she's shaping the 2012 elections. and the way you is tell is this season romney endorsed her immediately. >> and gave her what? >> $5,000. >> right on, mitt. >> because he's pandering to the right. we'll see them all do what john mccain did to try to of course -- the party's right now, fringe. >> let
Sep 11, 2010 12:30pm PDT
way, the word stimulous is apparently now not used. the president's job approval rating is low. historically so. did this week put president obama back on an upward track? pat buchanan. >> no it did not, john. there's no doubt he was in campaign mode and spoke more eloquently there. he mentioned john boehner and attacked him by name seven times and nobody in the country knows who john boehner is. secondly the mosque issue and the issue of the burning korans was a tremendous distraction all week. third, his proposal, some of which are interesting, credits like that. they are too little, they are too late. frankly some of his rhetoric, they treat me like a dog is getting pity me, it doesn't come off well. >> what is the political part on obama's part? >> you have to put a face on the opposition and mr. boehner is a pretty good face. he has been in the congress since 1990. he was part of the gingrich revolution in 1995. he was video taped on the house floor handing out checks from the tobacco industry to members while they were discussing ending tobacco subsidies. he advocated in
Sep 25, 2010 7:30pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)